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June 09 2017


If A Person Has Hearing Loss, They May Need A Hearing Aid

Does a loved one have trouble hearing? If a person is having trouble hearing sounds around them, it can impact their safety and quality of life. There may be a simple answer to a hearing loss like an infection or wax build up, or it can be a more serious cause. The only way to know for sure is to visit a hearing center such as Sandia Hearing Aid Center and get tested. A person who is wondering if they may need a hearing aid or other treatment to improve their hearing should act as soon as possible to get the best results.

How Do You Know If There Is Hearing Loss?

People usually try to deny they have hearing loss until the people around them complain about their symptoms. Some of the markers for hearing loss include asking people to repeat what they just said, not being able to hear with background noise present, having trouble using the phone, having the volume of the TV and radio abnormally high, and having trouble following conversations. Another scary symptom is the failure to hear warning noises of oncoming traffic or other dangers. Hearing loss often comes on slowly so the affected person does not realize it is happening.


What Happens At An Appointment At A Hearing Clinic?

Audiologists in Colorado Springs test hearing and advise hearing aid purchases. When a person visits a hearing clinic, the specialist they see will ask them a series of questions designed to measure the level of hearing loss. A hearing exam will be administered to measure the level of hearing loss and rule out other causes of hearing loss. Then another appointment will be scheduled to give the patient the results of their hearing exams, audiogram results, and a hearing loss discussion. The patient will be given a hearing aid overview if a hearing aid is what they need. If there are any medical problems, they may be referred to a medical doctor to get those problems treated. Then, they will have another appointment to check out the need for hearing aids in Colorado Springs. When a person needs hearing aids, they have several different types to choose from. The clinic will give the patient free demonstrations of types of hearing aids so they can choose the best kind for them.

Hearing Aids

When a person is choosing the hearing aids that will be best for them, the specialist will give them pricing, warranty information, and hearing aid repair information. When the hearing aids are chosen and ordered they often come the same day or very soon. The patient often will be given a trial period with new hearing aids with weekly follow up appointments. When the correct hearing aids are purchased, properly fitted and working correctly, the patient should regain much of their ability to hear. The right hearing aid service will offer hearing aid repair as needed. For more information, go to the website.
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